Wednesday, 6 November 2013


1. working on my 100 drawings series. i decided to do leaves and this is turning out to be one of my favourite assignments but im really behind... i think i was supposed to have around 60 drawings by now. so far, i have 25... so um yeh, kinda screwed.

2. found this old perspective drawing i did of purnell hall back in freshman year and spent the whole night being nostalgic. ive been really missing those days when i could afford to spend 5+ hours on one single drawing. i guess this just further confirms my decision in applying to art school! actually ive been working on my art portfolio recently and have been digging up old work to rephotograph. i decided to start early (or early for my standards) on grad school apps this year so i dont end up submitting a shitty statement that makes me sound like a wishy-washy teenager who doesnt know what to do with her life. (which i kind of still dont, but thats something they dont need to know...)

3. also found these sketches from my architecture days and decided to hang them all on my wall because i dont know why. maybe partly because i wish i could still draw like that. got so rusty after 4 years of being best friends with my calculator (aka engineering school)..........

4. what i did in drawing class today (which was the only class i actually managed to wake up for because it was at 6:30pm). basically what we did was start our own drawing then rotate drawings every 30 minutes so we'd be working on someone elses work. it threw me off a bit at first but i have to say these drawings turned out quite interesting. its amazing how three drawings worked on by the same three people can turn out so differently just based on the order of the people that worked on them.

sometimes, i complain a lot. about life. about not knowing what im doing. but writing all of this makes me realize that i actually have it pretty good already. because at least for now, i can still do the things i like and sit here and drink apple cider and write about them. 
which is kind of a lot more than i could ask for.

im such a sucky writer, that totally sounded like forced optimism.
but oh well, back to my readings which i completely dont understand even though i purposely stayed really sober...

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