Thursday, 14 November 2013

10 most awkward moments in life ever.

1. waving back at someone who wasnt actually saying hi to you in the first place.

2. falling up the stairs. (no seriously, that actually happened.)

3. walking into a glass door. and then trying to pretend nothing happened while people behind you laugh, out loud.

4. pretending to understand what the other person is saying, nodding along and all. then they ask you actual questions and proceed to realize how incredibly stupid you are.

5. getting caught saying something lame ridiculously loud because everyone in the room just randomly decided to stop talking and witness your retardedness.

6. walking into the wrong bathroom. and not realizing until you run into someone of the opposite gender inside who points it out to you.

7. listening to someone talk and trying to drink from your cup/can/bottle at the same time while still maintaining eye contact. then miss your mouth and spill shit on yourself.

8. getting stuck talking to that weird person on the plane/bus/train next to you.

9. opening your mouth in an attempt to say something nice back to whoever just gave you a compliment but cant think of anything so you just shut up and awkwardly smile back instead.

10. just hugs in general...

yupe, my life is just an awkward struggle.

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